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FTA's Low-No Emissions Grant Deadline Quickly Approaching

April 13th is the deadline for the Federal Transit Administration's 2023 Low-No Emissions Grant applications!

With 1.7 Billion dollars of available funding this year, many of our partners around the country are hard at work on the grant application. This funding, like last year's history-making 1.6 Billion, will help agencies strategically and thoughtfully reduce their emissions, all while maintaining or expanding their essential service to their communities.

In addition to funding for purchasing or leasing low and zero-emissions buses like our CNG, Hybrid, or Battery Electric Buses, this FTA funding also allows grantees to apply for and use their awards to invest in transit-supporting zero-emissions infrastructure such as charging equipment.

Our team is here to support customers through their grant applications -- feel free to reach out to or directly to your Regional Sales Manager if you have any questions about the process, your application, or simply need help!

Together, we're working towards reshaping public transportation and driving a more sustainable future for all.


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