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GILLIG Receives Order For 44 Electric Buses In Utah

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

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GILLIG, one of the largest U.S. bus manufacturers, has received a noticeable $44.2 million contract for electric buses and related charging infrastructure.

In total 44 buses - 40-foot (12.2m) long - will be delivered to the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and Park City Transit for use on heavily traveled corridors. The contract has also an option for 95 additional buses over five years.

Together with buses, 16 plug-in charging systems and four high-power on-route chargers will be installed.

Gillig introduced its battery-electric buses in 2019, using powertrain and battery packs supplied by Cummins. In the maximum configuration, the battery stores up to 444 kWh of energy (six individual modules).

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