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GILLIG releases next-generation battery for its electric bus

by Mass Transit

GILLIG LLC has released the next-generation energy storage system for its battery-electric bus that the company says provides a significant increase in onboard energy.

“We recognized how critical range was to our customers, so we performed an extensive market search to identify a system that provides maximum range for those customers who need it, while also providing for modularity for those with shorter duty cycles,” said GILLIG Vice President of Product Planning and Strategy Ben Grunat. “The new battery delivers a 32 percent increase in onboard energy capacity and therefore a significantly longer range for our customers.”

GILLIG worked with AKASOL to manufacture the new storage system, which provides up to 686 kWh of available energy, which the company says is the largest capacity in a North American transit bus.

The new battery is available in configurations of 490 kWh, 588 kWh and 686 kWh. GILLIG is partnering with Cummins, who provides the bus’s powertrain system to integrate and validate the new batteries with the bus ahead of the 2023 production start date.

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