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GILLIG scores a 44 e-bus contract in Utah (and up to 139)

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Published by Sustainable

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and Park City Transit have awarded GILLIG a $44.2 million contract for 44 battery electric buses, with an option of 95 additional buses over five years. The contract includes 16 plug-in charging systems and four high-power on-route chargers.

E-buses headed to Ogden Bus Rapid Transit line

UTA has designated 11 of the initial buses to operate on the 5.3-mile Ogden Bus Rapid Transit line which will run from Ogden FrontRunner Station, through downtown Ogden, through the Weber State University campus to McKay-Dee Hospital. Of the 44 electric buses in the initial contract, thirteen will be delivered to Park City, Utah.

GILLIG’s deep experience with electrification dates to 2001 with development of an electric trolley bus. For the next two decades, GILLIG perfected electrification technologies in its hybrid and battery electric product offerings. The buses are 100 percent built by American workers in Livermore.

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