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GILLIG selects Akasol and will launch in 2023 an improved battery-electric bus

GILLIG announced the availability of a next-generation energy storage system for its battery electric bus. The new storage system, manufacturer by Akasol, provides up to 686 kWh of available energy, the largest capacity in a North American transit bus, the company claims.

GILLIG goes with Akasol and Cummins

GILLIG selected Akasol, a leading manufacturer of high-performance battery systems, for its next-generation battery. With available configurations of 490 kWh, 588 kWh and 686kWh, together with a large selection of available charging options, Gillig can configure the bus to meet any agency’s requirements, the manufacturer says. GILLIG is partnering with Cummins to integrate and validate the new batteries with the bus ahead of the 2023 production start date.

GILLIG’s battery electric comes in 35-foot and 40-foot models, with the 35-foot bus carrying 31 seated passengers and a total of 62 passengers, while the 40-foot can transport 38 seated 75 total passengers.

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