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Hampton Roads Transit receives 32 new low-floor model buses from GILLIG

Updated: Jun 6

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Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) has taken delivery of 32 new buses as part of an ongoing fleet renewal – with more arriving weekly. The new buses are serving routes across Hampton Roads.  

“HRT is thrilled to welcome these factory-fresh buses as part of our long-term commitment to renew and revitalize our fleet,” said William E. Harrell, HRT president and CEO. “Our customers and operators will benefit from the added comfort and safety features of these new buses while we reduce our maintenance costs and the average age of our fleet.” 

The 32 recent deliveries are part of an original order for 51 new GILLIG Low Floor model buses, including 21 35-foot models and 11 of the 40-foot versions. An additional 19 buses will be delivered through the fall to support bus retirements and growth. 

The buses were manufactured at GILLIG’s Livermore, Calif., facility. The fleet renewal is funded by federal, state and local funds. 

The new buses are in addition to the 12 new low-emission buses HRT dedicated in November 2023 as the 757 Express fleet. 


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