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Harry Reid International Airport embraces sustainability with new of GILLIG Battery Electric buses

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LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas has added several new electric buses to its fleet.

The airport said four new buses have been delivered and will soon be on the road, with another 16 expected to arrive by the summer.

The zero-emission, battery-powered buses will transport customers between the terminal buildings and the Airport Rent-A-Car Center.

"Sustainability is top of mind both in our community and within the aviation industry," Rosemary Vassiliadis, director of aviation for Clark County, said in a news release. "The route between LAS and the Airport Rent-A-Car Center is the longest distance our buses travel on a regular basis, and they do so 24 hours a day. This transition will help us modernize our fleet and lower the tailpipe emissions of this facet of our operations."

The new buses and charging stations were purchased in part through Federal Aviation Administration, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and NV Energy grants.

Long-term, the airport plans to buy another 30 electric buses to completely replace the fleet that serves the rental car center.


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