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Transit Department Awarded $22.4 Million for Battery-Electric Buses, Hybrid Buses and Vehicle Chargers

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Post Date:07/09/2024 4:22 PM

The Federal Transit Administration awarded the City of Greensboro a $22.4 million grant to purchase six battery-electric buses, 12 hybrid-diesel buses, and 26 chargers for the Greensboro Transit Agency (GTA). 

“This grant will help GTA’s transition to a zero-emission fleet in support of the City’s Strategic Energy Plan. The City of Greensboro is a leader in providing a sustainable transit for our community,” said Greensboro Transit Director Reginald Mason, who leads GTA. 

The GILLIG-brand battery-electric buses, built in California, will be added to the City’s existing fleet of electric buses. The chargers will help prepare for future electric fleet expansion. The GILLIG-brand hybrid buses will replace existing hybrid-diesel buses in the City fleet that have met their useful life. 

The grant was part of a $1.5 billion in federal funding provided to 117 transit agencies across 47 states. The program “is helping agencies replace old buses running on dirtier, expensive fuels by delivering modern and zero-emission buses, manufactured by American workers, that will connect more people to where they need to go,”

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in an FTA news release.


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