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Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su Celebrates GILLIG's Dedication to Workforce and Sustainable Transit

Livermore, California, March 28, 2024: GILLIG, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses, welcomed Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su to their headquarters on Wednesday, reinforcing the company’s position as a leader in American manufacturing and sustainable transit solutions. Acting Secretary Su's visit highlighted the company's commitment to its workforce as well as the key role the transit bus manufacturer plays in driving the country towards a more sustainable future.

Derek Maunus, GILLIG’s President and CEO, remarked: “It’s an honor to have the Acting Labor Secretary travel across the country to visit our facility. Acting Secretary Su’s visit is a recognition of our incredible team. What started as a carriage repair shop in San Francisco in 1890 has evolved into the leading transit bus manufacturer in the United States. We have a company now that is helping transition the transit industry into zero-emissions. This visit allows us to showcase the thousand men and women who have worked so hard to make this company great and who are helping forge this clean-energy transition with their own two hands.”


Acting Secretary Su rode aboard a brand-new Battery Electric bus and toured GILLIG’s 600,000 sqft purpose-built manufacturing plant with company leadership. On the tour, Su met with production workers and was able to observe the craftsmanship of the team and how they are leveraging technology to drive efficiency and quality. With over 55% of their workforce being a part of one of two unions, the importance of prioritizing American workers and skilled manufacturing jobs as the country continues to transition to zero emission vehicles was a major focus of the visit.

During a press conference onsite, Acting Secretary Su pointed to the company's strategic choices, from its operational methods to its strong labor relations, including the recent collective bargaining agreement ratified with a resounding 94% yes vote as "proof... that when you do well by working people, you can have a race to the top.”


Su highlighted GILLIG as a prime example for how American manufacturing can best function and flourish, asserting, "We can and must build a country where working people do well. And when working people do well, companies prosper, and the country is stronger. GILLIG is an example that we want to celebrate," she continued, "an example of exactly how worker well-being and working towards a cleaner climate can go hand in hand."


The Acting Secretary ended her visit to GILLIG with a roundtable discussion with GILLIG leaders and union representatives, where the parties discussed the trust and respect that has been developed with over 50 years of partnership which has contributed to the company’s success.


GILLIG is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in the United States and has been family-owned since 1890. In steadfast commitment to their mission of building buses that connect communities, eliminate congestion, and contribute to a greener environment, GILLIG offers a diverse range of clean energy transit solutions, including zero-emission Battery Electric, and low-emissions Hybrid and CNG, as well as clean Diesel solutions. Known for safety, reliability, and unparalleled customer service, GILLIG is committed to providing high-quality transit solutions that meet the unique needs of communities nationwide.

For more information about GILLIG and its commitment to sustainable transit solutions and American-built excellence, please visit


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