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Cincinnati Metro Places 10 New GILLIG Hybrid Buses into Service

Cincinnati Metro placed 10 new GILLIG hybrid-electric buses into service.

The fleet enhancements are at the forefront of Metro's sustainability efforts, which reflect a continued strategy toward greener, more efficient transit operations.

Cincinnati Metro’s Green Path

In the past decade, Metro has made significant investments in modernizing its fleet to include hybrid and mini-hybrid buses. The current fleet of 304 buses is all hybrid or mini-hybrid vehicles. In 2015, the fleet was comprised of 103 mini-hybrid buses, which represents a 295% increase in hybrid vehicles in that time frame.

Metro is also testing new technology on these hybrid-electric buses aimed at eliminating emissions in targeted zones where air quality concerns are heightened. Once within these geotargeted areas, the buses transition to full electric mode, removing fuel use and resulting in zero emissions.

"Advances in vehicle technology play a huge part in our sustainability efforts, but it goes beyond just updating the fleet," said Darryl Haley, Metro’s CEO/GM. "We have implemented a comprehensive range of initiatives aimed at minimizing our environmental footprint across all aspects of our operations."

Going Greener Not Just About Buses

From recycling water for bus washing to repurposing waste oil for heating garages, Metro maximizes resource efficiency while reducing waste and pollution.

The agency also recycles and reuses motor fluids such as antifreeze, refrigerant, and power steering fluid, while actively promoting recycling of paper, plastic, and cans.

Additionally, Metro continues to recognize the importance of community engagement and collaboration in advancing its sustainability goals. Partnerships with many organizations across the Cincinnati region have been instrumental in advocating for and advancing environmentally sustainable initiatives.

The agency’s collaborative efforts have helped secure hundreds of millions of dollars in grants dedicated to enhancing sustainable transportation options in the Cincinnati region.


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