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GILLIG Launches One of the Largest Rooftop Solar Power Systems in the Bay Area

GILLIG LLC, the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in the United States, is cutting its carbon footprint with the addition of a SunPower solar and battery storage system to its headquarters and assembly plant. When completed early this year, the 3-megawatt, 7,800 solar panel system will represent one of the largest rooftop installations in the San Francisco Bay Area and one of the few examples of integrated battery storage at U.S. manufacturing plants. Energy from the system will directly power transit bus manufacturing and the charging of battery-electric buses.

“Our communities, businesses, and employees depend on a healthier planet,” said Chris Turner, GILLIG Executive Vice President of Operations. “The addition of solar power is the latest example of our sustainability efforts and demonstrates our focus on clean transit buses and energy-efficient manufacturing.”

Conservation and efficiency are part of the company’s everyday operations. GILLIG’s portfolio of clean transit buses, including zero-emission battery electric, near-zero emission compressed natural gas, diesel-electric hybrid, and clean diesel, help reduce congestion and contribute to a cleaner environment across the United States.

In 2017, GILLIG relocated to a state-of-the-art, 600,000 square-foot facility, custom-designed to be highly energy efficient. Three years after opening its new facility, GILLIG continues to promote energy conservation through high-efficiency lighting, 100 percent recycled water for ground watering, 30 employee EV charging stations, and renewable natural gas utilization.

GILLIG has contracted with SunPower for the design, installation, and operation of the systems. The 3-megawatt SunPower Helix solar system is designed to maximize capacity using the available space across four rooftops. SunPower intends to install its Helix Storage Solution, which includes two battery-electric storage systems (BESS). The batteries will be charged by the solar systems and will provide power to reduce electrical demand spikes and their associated charges. Once the BESS’s are installed, GILLIG will be one of the few manufacturing facilities in the United States to have solar-powered battery-electric storage systems. The Helix Storage battery system uses advanced analytics to optimize system charge and discharge to maximize savings.

“We applaud GILLIG’s ongoing commitment to a clean energy future with its investment in our leading SunPower solar and storage solutions,” said Eric Potts, Senior Vice President of SunPower’s Commercial & Industrial Solutions business. “GILLIG joins other leaders in the transportation industry across the U.S. who have realized the economic benefits of adding solar and storage to their facilities as it delivers value, long-term savings and reliability.”

SunPower is ranked as the number one Commercial direct solar solutions provider in the U.S. for capacity and has been for the past three years running.

About GILLIG LLC GILLIG is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in the United States. We offer a portfolio of clean energy propulsions including zero-emission battery electric, diesel-electric hybrid, near-zero emission compressed natural gas, and clean-diesel, all designed on the proven GILLIG Low Floor platform to maximize fleet commonality. Since 1890, our dedicated employees have been supporting customers and delivering on promises to improve quality of life through transformative mass transit solutions. From initial design through final assembly, each GILLIG bus is designed and built by American workers in Livermore, California, who are committed to building and supporting the safest and most reliable transit buses in the United States. GILLIG buses are known for their unmatched quality and have earned their reputation as the lowest-cost buses to maintain and operate. Our products help reduce congestion, contribute to a cleaner environment, and provide mobility to all. GILLIG is also proud to create American jobs and recycle tax dollars back into the community to further support public transportation. Further information about GILLIG can be found at

About SunPower Headquartered in California's Silicon Valley, SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR) is a leading Distributed Generation Storage and Energy Services provider in North America. SunPower offers the only solar + storage solution designed and warranted by one company that gives customers control over electricity consumption and resiliency during power outages while providing cost savings to homeowners, businesses, governments, schools and utilities. For more information, visit


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