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It’s official: PSTA is going green

The PSTA Board unanimously approved the purchase of 60 electric buses for the Five-Year Bus Replacement Plan.

by Mass Transit

Transit Authority (PSTA) will purchase 60 electric buses, the latest step in PSTA’s ongoing mission to transform the fleet to clean and green by 2050.

PSTA says electric buses are more efficient, better for the environment and will have improved health outcomes for the communities they serve.

PSTA’s electric buses will operate systemwide with the first of the 60 new buses expected to hit the road in 2024. PSTA already operates six all-electric, green buses. This announcement comes after PSTA unveiled four electric depot bus chargers in June of 2021.

Last month, the PSTA Board of Directors approved electric bus purchasing contracts with four leading electric bus manufacturers. It is the first all-electric bus consortium in the state of Florida.

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