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Jefferson Transit Launches Its First Electric Bus: A GILLIG Low-Floor Battery Electric Bus

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Jefferson Transit Authority has added a 2023 Gillig Low-Floor Battery Electric Bus to its fixed-route service.

This bus is a significant step towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions and creating a more environmentally-friendly transit system in East Jefferson County, and will enhance both the rider and general population experience, with a quiet operation and no tailpipe emissions.

Jefferson Transit partnered with Jefferson PUD #1 to install a new 500kVa transformer to support the charging infrastructure at the Four Corners bus yard. The ChargePoint CPE250 charger was ordered with the bus and installation was complete in August.

“Jefferson Transit is excited to begin the transition towards a zero emissions fleet,” said Nicole Gauthier, General Manager, Jefferson Transit. “Jefferson Transit completed its Long-Range Plan in 2022. This zero-emission initiative is a core component of the Long-Range Plan. Jefferson Transit has been actively pursuing grant funding opportunities and in 2024 plans to place an order for two additional battery electric buses.”

The introduction of the Gillig Electric bus underscores Jefferson Transit’s position as a county leader in embracing zero-emission transportation and investing in the future of sustainable transportation for all residents of Jefferson County, according to Gauthier.

“Jefferson Transit looks forward to the positive impact this transition will have on the community and the environment.”

There will be a ribbon-cutting event to celebrate the newest addition to its fleet at Haines Place Park and Ride, at 440 12th St., Port Townsend on Wednesday, Dec. 6 at 12 noon.


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